Apluspower provide power connectors including Drawer Connector , Straddle Mount Connector and Power Blade Connector.
Drawer Connectors are our competitive product , which combine both power and signal contacts in one rigid housing. One single contact’s current rating ranges from 2A to 200A. Products support hot-plug applications, featuring smooth mating, high number of mating cycles, and superior contact reliability. The adoption of new technologies and the use of new materials increase products’ current-to-space ratio, making reduced power-supply module size possible.

Standoff insulators are mainly used to support power bus bars used in high-voltage power transmission, as well as providing insulation between the bus bar and the cabinet. Apluspower's standoff insulators feature high mechanical strength and dielectric properties. Primary applications include communications, power, industrial control, frequency converters and more.
Apluspower offers a complete line of standard product models. Products can also be customized to meet the needs of our customers.

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Apluspower takes orders for custom machining parts and plastic injection molding parts.Provide post-processing, such as heat treatment, electroplating.

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